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Poster: tammytroot Date: Jul 15, 2008 2:11pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Extremely slow download speeds

Believe me, kiteman, I also am grateful to those who operate the site. It has given me access to books which I could never hope to read otherwise. But gratitude is not the issue. The aim of the archive is to disseminate the material as widely as possible and that aim cannot be met if the site is not functioning properly. If my local connections were to blame for the slow download speeds, then I would be experiencing the same problems on other sites, but this is not the case.

I do not expect an hour by hour commentary on what speeds to expect, but if the site is not functioning properly, a simple statement to that effect would be welcome. If Librivox can post an announcement that is experiencing problems, then surely the archive itself can do so?

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Poster: kiteman Date: Jul 15, 2008 5:43pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Extremely slow download speeds

Librivox can report what the circumstances are at his end of the node, not what is happening at the host server. I'm not meaning to be an appoligist for anyone, simply an observer of realistic expectations. I'm in a business where everyone expects far more than they would ever be willing to commit to and the less something costs the more they seem to expect. I am a constant user of this site and others like it. I log on from home at from several offices. I regularly download 40+meg files and times never exceed 5 minutes, even when I'm doing multiple downloads from the same server or RAID. Try logging on from sites remote from your home site and see if the real culprit is something closer to home. Best of need to prolong this thread. Out